Available positions


2017-05-11: Postdoctoral position opening: cell-based assays for chemosensory lab in Rehovot, Israel. More information

2016-08-10: Two postdoc openings for experimental work on GPCRs at Novo Nordisk. More information

2016-06-19: Open PhD student position to investigate GPCR and Nanobodies in Luxembourg. More information
More information

2016-02-02: Two Postdoctoral researcher positions in computational chemistry (GPCR modeling) at Uppsala University. More information

2016-01-27: The EU Marie Sklodowska-­‐Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) on ¨Improved production strategies for endangered freshwater species¨ (IMPRESS) is looking for a highly motivated and talented scientist to apply for a PhD position at the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Hebrew University, Israel. More information

2015-11-19: Open post-doc position to investigate orphan GPCRs at the University of Liège. The position is for an initial duration of 12 months (with extension opportunities).
The project aims at understanding the pharmacology and physiology of orphan
GPCRs and will involve molecular and cellular biology of receptors as well as in vivo
experimentations and small molecules screening. More information

2015-09-30: Postdoc Postion: MD simulations of G protein coupled receptors, Humboldt University and Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. More information

2015-08-26: Open post-doc position to investigate GPCR in Luxembourg
Postdoc position at the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) for a post-doc (2-year project) to investigate the involvement of chemokine receptor dimers in cancer signalling. The project is intended to start in October 2015. For more details please see this link: http://www.crp-sante.lu/en/Jobs/Jobs-opportunities/Description

2015-06-10: PhD fellowship in crystallography of G protein-coupled receptors
The Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen is pleased to announce that a PhD fellowship will be available from 1 October 2015 or soon thereafter in discussion with strongest applicant. The application deadline is 30 June 2015.
More information

2015-05-16: Group Leader position with start-up package in Bioinformatics at Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM), Nordic EMBL Partnership. NCMM is seeking new outstanding international candidates for the position of group leader with a start-up package in bioinformatics. The successful candidate is expected to initiate a new independent research program integrating bioinformatics and experimental science with a clear relevance to molecular medicine and disease mechanisms. The bioinformatics research should be closely linked to biological research in the same disease areas. More information

2015-05-14: Tenure track group leader position in ZIK HALOmem, University of Halle, Germany. A tenure track group leader position is available within ZIK HALOmem for the establishment of a five-member team to develop technologies for the biophysical characterisation of membrane proteins and their interactions with ligands. More information

2015-03-12: 15 PhD positions (ESRs) Oncogenic GPCR Network (www.oncornet.eu)
The Oncogenic GPCR Network of Excellence and Training (ONCORNET, www.oncornet.eu), a Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training network (ETN), is looking for highly motivated and talented scientists to apply for projects in the labs of ONCORNET network partners:
- Martine Smit (coordinator) / Rob Leurs (NL)
- Steve Hill (UK)
- Graeme Milligan / Gerry Graham (UK)
- Martin Lohse (DE)
- Jean Philippe Pin / Philippe Marin (FR)
- Stefan Offermanns (DE)
- Françoise Bachelerie (FR)
- Cristina Murga / Federico Mayor (ES)
- arGEN-X (BE)
- Griffin Discoveries (NL)
Deadline application: April 15 2015. Expected start projects September 2015. More information

2015-01-13: Postdoc opening in structural bioinformatics of GPCRs at Uppsala University
Development of GPCR-ModSim, http://gpcr-modsim.org. More information

2015-01-13: Research Training Group “Medicinal Chemistry of Selective GPCR Ligands” (GRK 1910) offers 1 Post-Doc Position (TV‐L E13, 100%)
Associated to the Laboratory of Prof. Peter Gmeiner (Chair of Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry), Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg
More information: http://www.nature.com/naturejobs/science/jobs/482595-post-doc-position-medicinal-chemistry

2014-12-03: Postdoctoral position on GPCRs at AstraZeneca, Mölndal, Sweden.
More information

2014-12-03: GLISTEN Prof. Masha Niv is seeking applicants for a collaborative 2 year postdoctoral project, one year in Berlin, one year in Israel, in one of the following topics:
1) Exploring functional dynamics of taste receptors
2) Classification of taste receptors using Hidden Markov models
3) Applying Markov model to problems of protein-peptide recognition
More information

2014-10-08: Three PhD positions at the university of Gent (Belgium) and University of Barcelona (Spain) in the field of GPCR oligomerization. More information

2014-09-16: PhD student in computational biology with focus on biomolecular binding processes and catalysis in the Åqvist group at Uppsala University. More information

2014-09-03: Group Leader position with start-up package in Bioinformatics in Oslo, Norway. We expect to hire one new principal investigator through this call and particularly encourage international applicants. The successful candidate is expected to initiate a new independent research program integrating bioinformatics and experimental science with a clear relevance to molecular medicine and disease mechanisms. The bioinformatics research should be closely linked to biological research in the same disease areas. NCMM provides attractive sustainable support packages for new group leaders of more than 2.0 million EUR over the first five-year period. This includes salaries of the group leader, a postdoctoral fellow, a doctoral student as well as a programmer / technician, consumables and modern laboratory facilities.The candidate is expected to complement this budget through other national or international grants and/or through industrial collaborations. More information

2014-08-30: GPCR positions in Amsterdam. The Division of Medicinal Chemistry (Dept. Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, VU University Amsterdam) combines organic synthesis, computer-aided drug design, molecular pharmacology, and biochemistry to acquire detailed insight into molecular interactions between proteins (GPCRs, enzymes) and biologically active molecules (drug-like molecules and nanobodies). These biological active molecules serve to selectively modulate and elucidate the signaling networks activated by GPCRs (eg. histamine and (viral) chemokine receptors) and enzymes. To strengthen and support our research projects ((Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), TOPPUNT (7 ways to 7TMR modulation), NWO-Vici (Viral GPCRs in brain cancer), NWOECHO (FBDD), EU FP7 (PDE4NPD), AIMMS – Chemical Biology platform), we have 9 vacancies for highly motivated scientists. More information

Post-doctoral Position in Membrane Protein Biochemistry and Structural Biology at Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle, Montpellier. A 2 years (possibility of 1 year extension) post-doctoral research position is available in the group of Guillaume Lebon in the Molecular Pharmacology department of the « Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle». Our Group is an ATIP-AVENIR team, focused on structural studies of G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs). We are aiming to solve the structures of GPCRs by using X-ray crystallography. The successful candidate will express, purify and crystallize GPCRs. The candidate is expected to work in a highly matrixed environment, to interact with other research groups, and drive scientific and technical innovation collaboratively with other members of the group, junior scientists as well as with Biotechnological companies. More information

6-month Student Scholarship For GPCRDB Programming.
The Gloriam group (www.gloriamgroup.org) is looking for a master student to perform GPCRDB programming. Previous experience of PHP, javascript of MySQL is an advantage. The scholarship is 1400 Eur / month and could be combined with a master project. If you are interested, contact David Gloriam (david.gloriam@sund.ku.dk or on LinkedIn).

Three postdoctoral positions are available, within the research group of Dr. C.G. Tate, to work on an integrated programme funded by the European Research Council on the structure, function and biogenesis of integral membrane proteins, including G protein-coupled receptors, ion channels and transporters. More Information

Postdoc opening in structural bioinformatics of GPCRs, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology. Uppsala University. More information

5. Two post-doctoral research associate positions funded by ARISTEIA II – NO- ALGOS», «Neuroprotective opioid activity by alternative G protein coupled opioid receptor signaling» are available in the Laboratory of Cellular Signaling and Molecular Pharmacology of the Institute of Biosciences and Applications of the N.C.S.R “Demokritos”. Applicants should have a PhD in cellular/molecular biology and/or neurosciences. Experience in confocal microscopy or proteomics is considered advantageous. More information